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Haydenshapes – HSStudio
Agency: Parliament Front-end Developer: Eric Van Holtz

Haydenshapes is pioneering new technologies in the surf industry.

Hayden changed the game when he introduced futureflex, a manufacturing technology which uses carbon fiber to strengthen the edges of the board.

He wanted a web app just as unique that allowed his customers to craft their boards to be the perfect shape, size, density, and design.

The UI overlays a 3d environment where you can rotate and zoom in on the board you're creating.

See changes to the board in real-time, even see how the light shines off the surface of the board based on the type of polish selected.

The web app takes all of the information you've entered and creates a dynamic product ready for purchase. You can do all of this from a computer, tablet, or mobile device.


There are many types of boards you can start with. This is the Hypto Krypto.

The minimal UI puts the focus on the 3d board that you're designing.


You start by customizing the materials and technology used. Selecting a technology opens up more options such as foam density and lamination.


Customize the board with your name to make it truly yours. Additionally, you can pick the board's length and width. It is even able to offer up dimensions based on your height and weight.


There are several fin options for your board like the setup count and colors.


Our favorite step, picking the design of the board. Haydenshapes has design collections that'll make your board stand out from the crowd.


Take pride in your custom board, and Haydenshapes, by applying a logo to it. There are different logos to chose from, if you'd like, along with its color and  position.


Finally, select the board's finish. Rotate the board and see how the light reflects off of its surface.


Take a final look before checking out.

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Customize your board from the comfort of the beach.

The web app works just as well from your phone. The UI is sleek, quick, and 3d is fully supported as well.

Haydenshapes has won consecutive surfboard of the year awards.

We wanted to develop a web app just as impressive. Through its modern design, smooth UI, and 3d rendered board we believe we delivered.

Even if you're not in the market for a new surfboard you should still give HSStudio a spin to see what you can come up with. Stay pitted.

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