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Icon Motosports
Agencies: Parliment
Lead Front-end Developer: Eric Van Holtz Lead Back-end Developer: Alex Van Holtz

Icon is a Portland Oregon based company and industry leader in protective motorcycle gear.

We built a website that could showcase their inspired product design, bikes, videos, and more with all of the speed and attitude of their brand and riders.

With seasonal product releases, epic video productions, and limiter stories there are no dead ends to the amount of content on the site.

The Icon website is the hub of product information for their customers, brick & mortar and online retailers.

Icon Motosports is comprised of two additional brands Icon 1000 and Raiden. Each is geared towards a specific theme – street, modern, and adventure. All three brands needed to be able to live on their own while still being Icon.

We developed three websites under one code base that are all functionally the same, but each being styled independently from one another.

Home page

Icon has the ability to adjust the layout and order of most any page on the website.

As seen on the homepage there's a newsletter sign up, announcement, featured collections, product categories, career listing, and recent limiter posts.

Our previous system took a team of designers, image processors, and IT professionals to update content.

Now, we have a dedicated staff of one to manage all content updates.

— Ryan Miller, Digital Marketing Manager, Icon Motosports
Product page
Product page

The product page is clean, beautiful, and content rich. It starts with a full sized product shot or video.

Directly underneath the hero is the product purchase information like price, colors, sizes, and features.

Next, a high resolution carousel containing different angles of the product that you can view fullscreen.

Then product features, comparisons, and a drawer of detailed product information. Care instructions, replacement parts, product manual, and part numbers – this section contains everything you might need for your product.

Finally, detailed product shots, features, product accessories, videos, and product links to complete the look.

Their product shots and videos are on another level. They produce all of their own photo and video shoots with their in-house production team.

Content for the website was pleasantly abundant. From undead biker gangs to escaping fire breathing dragons–Icon has gear for every kind of rider.


Icon is the dream client you always hope to land.

With their badass team, gear, and visual assets we were honored to work with them to build this three headed beast of a website.

Icon has a tight grip on the creative direction of their brands. So we were thrilled to hand over the keys and see the website come to life.

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